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Welcome to WTS Geophysical Solutions

WTS Geophysical Solutions provides comprehensive solutions to non-destructive ways of mapping earth resources near the subsurface using new state-of-art geophysical prospecting instruments. It is devoted to researching, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling Geophysical equipment and provides geophysical exploration and training services across the globe.

The geophysical product spectrum include DC Resistivity /IP meter, High Precision Water Detectors, 2-D /3-D Multi-Electrode Resistivity & IP Imaging System, High Power IP System, Multi-Channel Seismograph, Bore Well Camera, Bore Logging System, Proton Magnetometer & TEM.

All these products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 Quality management system, mature and high performance. We do our best to meet client's needs for products and services and think ahead to bring life to latent market needs. We strive hard to get excellence in Geophysical Domain in the future as well

Why choose WTS Geophysical solutions:

We offer a wide range of geophysical and GIS data solutions for mining and exploration processes. Our ultimate aim is to work with clients to optimize the discovery and definition of deposits and ore bodies, electrical resistivity surveys by adopting efficient and relevant processes aligned to the required project outcomes. Starting from desktop GIS data compilations, exploration survey planning, data acquisition, and interpretation to drill target definition, we get in touch with our clients through each step of the exploration process. In addition to the ground geophysical surveys, WTS will assist in designing your geophysical surveys and supervise third-party surveys, including airborne surveys.
WTS owns and operates a broad selection of geophysical equipment like underground water detector equipment enabling surveys to be customized to effectively explore your target commodity.

Our Existing User's across the Globe !

Name Place
Kasetsart University Thailand
Earth imaging USA
Blue cedar holdings ltd Canada
GPR Geofisica Ltd Brazil
State Remote Sensing Application Centre Dept. of Science & Technology Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh. Itanagar
Emerging Technologies Itanagar
Faculty of Engineering Uruguay
Ingenieurburo fur Baudynamik Germany
Curtin University Malaysia
GPRscan Muhendilik Dis Tic Turkey
Est. for trading services Saudi Arabia
Department of Geology And Minerals Vietnam
PT Andalan Tunas Mandiri Indonesia
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Kenya
Institute of Geosciences, Polytechnic University Albania
Three D Consultants Pvt Ltd Nepal
Nepal Electricity Board Nepal
Explorer Geophysical Consultants P ltd Nepal
Pamir Geotechnical Services Company Afghanistan
Ingenieria geofisica terra tek ltda Chile
Transition Engineering Bangladesh
Geophysical Exploration Department of School of Information Science and Engineering of Central University of China China
Chang'an University China
Xi'an University of Science and Technology China
Chengdu University of Technology China
Haerbin Earthquake Administration Bureau China
Geological Exploration Institute of Heilongjiang Bereau of Geological Exploration of Mineral Resources China
Liaoning Investigation and Desigen Institute of Water resources and Hydropower China
Ningxia Institute of Geological Exploration of Mineral Resources China
Guilin Non-Ferrous Mineral Resource Investigation Institute China
Changshu Earthquake Administration Bureau China
School of Earth Sciences ,Pondicherry University Pondicherry
Department of Geotechnology, Manonmaniam Sunderanar University Tirunelveli
Department of Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology Trichy
Department of Environment & Water Resources, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT-M) Chennai
Department of Earth Sciences, Manipur University Imphal
Central Ground Water Board (CGWB ) Chennai
National Centre for Earth Sience Studies (NCESS ) Trivandrum
Tanya Dream Engineering & Management P Ltd New Delhi
Integrated Geophysical and Geological Services New Delhi
V5 Geotech Chennai
Earth Care Products & Services Kolkatta
Gupta Tube Wells Kolkatta
Parsan overseas New Delhi
Orion Geohytech Nagpur
Environmental and Geospatial Solutions Chennai
Sanjeevani Consultancy Pune
PR Geotech Pune
Perfect Surveyors Mumbai
RK Drilling Itarsi

Our Major Products

Resistivity meter
To talk more about our products, our resistivity meter for underground water depends on electrical resistivities and the distribution of soils and rocks. Geophysics has been an essential and integrated part of the mapping of the groundwater reservoirs in India.
Wireless Water Level Detector
WTS has performed numerous groundwater mapping surveys in India for several years. Especially reflection seismic, transient electromagnetic (TDEM),wireless water level detector, and resistivity (ERT) surveys have become a standard for mapping water resources.
Geophysical borehole logging
Furthermore, about Geophysical borehole logging or wireline, well logging is performed in boreholes drilled for groundwater, oil and gas, mineral and exploration of geothermal, and part of environmental and geotechnical studies. The borehole logging is performed to obtain a detailed record of the geological layers penetrated by the borehole. Our logging products and services include temperature, flow, resistivity, natural gamma, EM-induction, deviation, caliper, acoustic- and optical tele viewers, magnetic susceptibility, density, porosity, and full-wave-form sonic logs.
Proton Precession Magnetometer
Next comes our proton precession magnetometer sensor capable of all-direction measurement according to the present invention. The frequency of current induced in a coil by flowing and then breaking current in the coil is determined to calculate the strength of an external magnetic field, which is characterized as a toroid coil.
Mineral Exploration

WTS offers the most advanced Proton Precession magnetometers available today in the market. Advanced Research and Development and the release of the v7.0 version have led to a way that delivers the latest technology combined with the classical value of a standard Proton Precession system.

Besides, the coil might be achieved by two solenoids, connected perpendicularly, or N solenoid coils connected in a polygon form, where N is an integer of 3 or more. The proton precession magnetometer sensor can measure the external magnetic field in every direction since there is no dead band and is convenient since there is no need to adjust the sensor to a specific approach when measuring magnetic force. Further, the present invention will accumulate critical original technology applicable to various cases in practice through improved impedance matching and power consumption optimization in future courses.
Our team of multi-skilled geological experts determines difficult data sets to generate and refine targets, define controls on mineral exploration, and delineate prospective structures and sequences. Integrating the data with our geological knowledge enables us to identify geological processes, detect forms, and assess the likelihood of ore deposit accumulation. Critical to this is evaluating the timing of mineralization within an area's tectonic history. This allows us to immediately define prospective targets that would not otherwise be defined through direct detection methods.

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